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Anything to do with the Geograph British Isles website

Recent Geograph Outages has been offline all day, there seems to be a problem with a router which connects the Geograph servers with the rest of the Internet.

At the moment we don’t have a definite ETA but I think it could be Monday before we get this resolved. Enjoy the excellent bank holiday weekend weather!

Edit: We’re back! As suspected it was a router issue, our thanks to the sterling folk at Fubra who resolved this late on Sunday night.

Edit #2: …and on Thursday morning it seems we’re down again. Seems to be the same issue, should not be down for long….

Edit #3: We’re not having a good week. An entirely unrelated issue has brought the site offline again on Monday 1st June. This one is within our control but proving tricky to fix….

Edit #4:Our hosting provider have provided a full account of the network problems experienced in the past week, largely due to a complex sequence of upgrades. It seems we should now be entering a period of calm and unparalleled uptime! Touch wood…

UK Photographers Rights Guide – version 2 published

The UK Photographers Guide has been very useful in helping me understand how the law affects photographers. It has been particularly handy when resolving complaints from visitors to, and I’m pleased to note it has been reviewed and updated in recent weeks.

Download version 2 of the guide here.

Kudos to legal consultant Linda Macpherson for putting it together, and to photographer Simon Moran for hosting it.

Geograph Deutschland

While there’s been a few aborted attempts to use the Geograph code in other countries, it’s so cool to finally see one launch – ladies and gentlemen, Geograph Deutschland is here (also available in English)

This has been set up by Hansjörg Lipp, adapting and translating the open source Geograph software. Though you can’t easily tell from the Geograph British Isles map, we’ve merged the Irish and British gird systems into one grid. Germany uses the MGRS system for its mapping, and as it covers several UTM zones, the German map is broken into separate, more visible, strips.

Great to see it open its doors, I wish Hansjörg every success.