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Silk icons for web apps

IconsThe free Silk icon set from is very useful for giving even the most mundane of web pages a little polish. With over 700 icons you’d think you’d have one for every occasion, right? Wrong! Or so says Damien Guard, who is releasing a companion set of 400+ icons in the same style as the original.

Nice work, will look forward to seeing them!

(20th Nov 2007: the new icon set is now available!)

Notes on Geograph’s Redesign, Part 1

Front pageAs the OS liked the design draft I posted here a few days ago, I’m refining it further as a complete freshen up of the design. First up, here’s a slight refinement of the front page. Tried a little colour in the headings and made an attempt to make the lower half of the page look more organised. Not sure if those green headings work though…

Photo viewer, blackNext up, here’s some treatments for the photo viewing page. This attempts to simplify and organise the links we have on the photo pages, as well as make the black/white/grey backgrounds work a little better into the design. Here’s a version with a white photo background.