Recent Geograph Outages has been offline all day, there seems to be a problem with a router which connects the Geograph servers with the rest of the Internet.

At the moment we don’t have a definite ETA but I think it could be Monday before we get this resolved. Enjoy the excellent bank holiday weekend weather!

Edit: We’re back! As suspected it was a router issue, our thanks to the sterling folk at Fubra who resolved this late on Sunday night.

Edit #2: …and on Thursday morning it seems we’re down again. Seems to be the same issue, should not be down for long….

Edit #3: We’re not having a good week. An entirely unrelated issue has brought the site offline again on Monday 1st June. This one is within our control but proving tricky to fix….

Edit #4:Our hosting provider have provided a full account of the network problems experienced in the past week, largely due to a complex sequence of upgrades. It seems we should now be entering a period of calm and unparalleled uptime! Touch wood…

2 thoughts on “Recent Geograph Outages

  1. Richard Webb

    I had never seen this error before, but last night it returned, taking out the Statens Kartverk site.
    (Norwegian national mapping agency)

    Is there a bigger picture here?

  2. lordelph Post author

    We haven’t yet heard from Fubra, our colocation provider, what exactly occurred. I would doubt there’s a link between this and any other site outages though.

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