I often create throwaway demos when I’m learning something new. I’ve found that giving them enough polish to actually release them helps me learn even more. So, this page lists all the toys released so far.

  • Point Break or Bad Boys 2? is an experiment in “crowdsorting” and Facebook integration
  • Byzantime provides a snippet of history for every minute of the day.
  • Monty Hall Problem was an experiment to see if the empirical result of playing the Monty Hall problem matched the theoretical one!
  • Pastebin is the original The code is up on github, and will be modernized!

3 thoughts on “Toys

  1. greene

    Hello I have jus discovered this page and was wondering if anyone was around and using the WD TV Live SMP? The reason why I ask is that I have noticed that the Rotten Tomatoes scores no longer shows o the video search. Have you noticed and if so is there a way to fix it?

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