Hassle Me

Not posted for a while, as have been rather busy! A few days ago I stumbled upon HassleMe a simple site for regular emailed reminders. So now I have one reminding me to post something.

One thing I don’t need HassleMe for is pastebin.com – there’s an army of real people doing that. I’ve not had as much time to devote to it as I’d like, as Geograph takes most of my spare time. Can’t promise when I’ll have more time for it, but hopefully soon. Maybe I will add a HassleMe for it after all…

Finally, my good lady has formed her own cottage industry of jewellery making, and it’s going down a storm locally. She even has a website, www.made-by-mrs-d.co.uk. Not much there yet, as I’m still getting set up to take decent pictures of her work!

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