The first fruits of my OpenStreetMap labours…

I’ve only had time to do a little bit, but it’ll be nice to see it gradually build up. Here’s the first bit of Baldock, Hertfordshire that I’ve mapped!

A bit of Baldock

I plan to spend an hour or so each weekend gathering tracklogs and building it up cell by cell. Probably take me until Christmas!

3 thoughts on “The first fruits of my OpenStreetMap labours…

  1. Steve Chilton

    Well done for getting rendered map soon! Bit of advice on street tagging. It is conventional cartographic practice to label roads so that they read right way uppish. To get Clare Crescent to do so you need to stack/compile the segments in a way from west to east (or left to right if you prefer).

  2. lordelph Post author

    Since rendering that I’ve tagged Clare Crescent and Mons Avenue with name_direction=-1 which achieves the same thing, and also hinted that “Templar Avenue” be rendered in a much smaller font size to fit the available space

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