Mapping Baldock with OpenStreetMap!

Following the OpenStreetMap talk on Wednesday I was determined to have a go, and I’ve uploaded my first GPS track, covering my cycle commute from Baldock to Stevenage. Over the coming weeks, I’ll bike around the whole town and create a completely free map of the area – watch this space!

2 thoughts on “Mapping Baldock with OpenStreetMap!

  1. Steve

    Cool. I want to map Arlesey, but first I need a GPS. I bid on a couple of Garmins on ebay, but lost out. I’m loath to spend lots on a dedicated unit as I might not use it that much. Might go for a PDA solution.

  2. lordelph Post author

    I use a Garmin Geko 201, which is pretty cheap and easily mountable to a bike. Data cable is about £10 and my bike mount was £10 or so.

    You could also try your hand at geocaching, which is a great way to get out and about!

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