Translate Pastebin?

I’ve been wondering if anyone would like a translated version of Pastebin? It gets a lot of use from Germany – any German coders want to volunteer some translated text? Happy to do other languages too, add a comment below if this of interest (either as a translator or pastebin user)

(EDIT: I’ve had offers for Albanian, Arabic, Simplified Chinese, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish,Turkish and Urdu – thanks folks!)

58 thoughts on “Translate Pastebin?

  1. Fosfor

    2 weeks late for offer czech translation;) but i can help:)

    btw: i can help with translation modul too. i’m working on some php site now and have translation functions for it. translations are stored in xml (should be store on, one function load the xml (should be store in cookies, which one), and second function translate phrases. fell free to contact me:)

  2. utererr

    lordelph, pastebin is a great project :). I’d be very happy to translate it to Bulgarian. If it’s cool feel free to email me.

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