Monthly Archives: August 2008

VMWare enable 100% reduction in server electricty costs from August 12th!

How? By stopping you running any virtual machines!

I’m about to evaluate VMWare ESXi server both for work and various side projects.

Sadly, VMWare tripped up today, by rendering it impossible to start a virtual machine if the date was August 12th 2008 or later. The VMWare forums are awash with disgruntled customers, starting with irate aussies as their country was one of the first to enjoy the excitement of August 12th. Aside from a short KB article, VMWare are staying tight lipped, and being a little tardy with it, promising a fix in 36 hours.

While ESXi may be free now, I’ll be taking a closer look at the alternatives. Hopefully VMWare will publish something which restores confidence…