Monthly Archives: June 2008

Geograph Torrents

Something Geograph has needed for some time is a way to get at the entire archive without causing us huge bandwidth bills – it’s currently around 100GB in size.

So I’m please to announce where you will be able to download the entire archive via BitTorrent!

More details…

We’re going to release the archive as a series of volumes, each containing around 50,000 images and weighing in at around 5GB. The first volume is available now, with a smaller sample volume which allows you to preview how the metadata is delivered.

All the metadata for each volume is delivered as a RDF formatted file called manifest.rdf, which should be self explanatory, here is a sample fragment:

<rdf:Description rdf:about=”00/00/000014.jpg“>
<dc:title>Durdle Door from the east</dc:title>
<dc:creator>Helena Downton</dc:creator>
<georss:point relationshiptag=”is-picture-of”>50.6205085825182 -2.27398572077417</georss:point>
<georss:point relationshiptag=”was-taken-from”>50.6211552007986 -2.26663784055893</georss:point>

How to download

If you are new to using bittorrent, you will need some software, such as Vuze (aka Azureus) or uTorrent. Once installed, go to and click a torrent link to set it downloading – easy!

Please seed!

Please seed these torrents if you are able – simply leave your torrent client software running after your download has completed. You’ll be helping others to complete their downloads faster!