Google Reader ’shared items’ WordPress widget

Use WordPress? Use Google Reader? Want a widget to share what you’re reading with the world? The widget that powers my “Interesting Posts” sidebar is now available for all – download it here – should work with any “widget ready” WordPress template.

There are other ways to get a similar result, a popular one is to use Feedburner to clean up the Google feed, then use a standard RSS widget to display it.


4 thoughts on “Google Reader ’shared items’ WordPress widget

  1. David Precious

    Great stuff!

    Installed and working on my blog, and oh so much better than the Javascript shared items Google provide – I’d been meaning to replace it but never got round to it 🙂

    Nice work Paul.

  2. paul

    Awesome paul! It’s been driving me mad that google feeds didn’t share right and for some reason going via feedburner hadn’t been working either. Works great now. Cheers!

  3. blake

    I get the following error displayed in my sidebar. I can’t determine what’s wrong. I’m using WP 2.1.1

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/content/b/l/a/blakewest/html/wp-content/plugins/lordelph_rss.php on line 171

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