I’ve had The Kleptones 24 Hours and Night at the Hip-Hopera albums on my iPod for the past few weeks, and I keep coming back to them and hearing something new. Whatever you call it, bastard-pop, mashups, remixing, whatever – The Kleptones do it very well.

Listening to 24-Hours is the aural equivalent of watching Spaced. I spent ages puzzling over a snatch of a song on the album, eventually reaching the conclusion it was a cover of The Beatles “In My Life”. I might be wrong though – Wikipedia has a breakdown of the songs in 24 Hours and A Night at the Hip Hopera which has put me out of my misery a little, but doesn’t detail the song I thought I heard 🙁

Still, it is chock full of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off samples, which makes me happy.

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