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Recent Geograph Outages has been offline all day, there seems to be a problem with a router which connects the Geograph servers with the rest of the Internet.

At the moment we don’t have a definite ETA but I think it could be Monday before we get this resolved. Enjoy the excellent bank holiday weekend weather!

Edit: We’re back! As suspected it was a router issue, our thanks to the sterling folk at Fubra who resolved this late on Sunday night.

Edit #2: …and on Thursday morning it seems we’re down again. Seems to be the same issue, should not be down for long….

Edit #3: We’re not having a good week. An entirely unrelated issue has brought the site offline again on Monday 1st June. This one is within our control but proving tricky to fix….

Edit #4:Our hosting provider have provided a full account of the network problems experienced in the past week, largely due to a complex sequence of upgrades. It seems we should now be entering a period of calm and unparalleled uptime! Touch wood…

Using Doxygen help in QtCreator

If you’re documenting your classes with Doxygen tags you might be wondering if you can use that help inside QtCreator and get those F1 tooltips whenever you hover a documented class or method.

I wondered the same thing, and it turns out Doxygen needed a little tweaking to make it work. Karsten Heimrich at Nokia rather kindly wrote a patch which will eventually make it into Doxygen, but if you have burning desire to try this, here’s what you do….

Patching Doxygen

Once I hear that Doxygen includes this patch I’ll remove this section – so if you’re reading this, you probably need to patch. So, lets grab the latest sources and apply the patch.

svn co doxygen-svn
cd doxygen-svn/src
wget -O doxygen.diff
patch < doxygen.diff

cd ..

Then configure and build doxygen with any options you might need. Most people should be able to simply do this

make install

You should how have the patched doxygen in /usr/local/bin.

Generating the help

There are some Qt Labs posts on generating Qt Help from Doxygen, but here's a quick run through:

To generate a Qt .qch file you'll need the following entries in your doxygen configuration file

QCH_FILE = /path/to/output/helpfile.qch
QHP_NAMESPACE = com.yourdomain.subdomain
QHG_LOCATION = /your/path/to/qt/bin/qhelpgenerator

Run patched doxygen and you should end up with a .qch file in the filename given by the QCH_FILE option. Almost done!

Installing the help in Qt Creator

  • Go to Tools -> Options -> Help, click "Add" and browse for the generated .qch file.
  • Click OK and your namespace should now be listed in the registered documentation box
  • Click OK to dismiss the options dialog
  • Now for the important bit - restart Qt Creator. If you don't do this, the help doesn't get propertly integrated into the IDE, at least on Qt Creator v1.1.

That's it! Now hover the mouse over one of your documented classes and you should get a tooltip suggesting you press F1.

Documentation nirvana! Again, my thanks to Karsten Heimrich for writing the patch, hope someone else finds this useful!

UK Photographers Rights Guide – version 2 published

The UK Photographers Guide has been very useful in helping me understand how the law affects photographers. It has been particularly handy when resolving complaints from visitors to, and I’m pleased to note it has been reviewed and updated in recent weeks.

Download version 2 of the guide here.

Kudos to legal consultant Linda Macpherson for putting it together, and to photographer Simon Moran for hosting it.