Flood images on Geograph

Some awesome images popping up on geograph covering the floods (for example, see thread, registration required). A particular sequence taken by Jonathan Billinger shows how swiftly things can change for the worse…

5:12pm 20th July 2007, 5:12pm – Evesham Waterside hotel. The river Avon is over the road…
6:28pm 20th July 2007, 6:28pm – a little over an hour later, and the road is flooded but a brave driver might just make it!.
8:03pm 20th July 2007, 8:03pm – after 3 hours though, the road is impassable and the hotel is starting to flood. How bad can it get you wonder?
5:51am 21st July 2007, 5:51am – you wake up early the next morning and this sight greets you! The water is still rising too…
1:51pm 21st July 2007, 1:51pm – less than 24 hours have passed and the water level peaks.
7:04am 22nd July 2007, 7:04am – the next morning, and the waters are starting to recede.

There’s always an inescapable voyeurism with natural disasters like this, and while I feel for those affected by the floods, you can’t help but see images like this and say “wow!”

One thought on “Flood images on Geograph

  1. jonathan billinger

    Thank you for putting my images into sequence, Paul. At least I stayed dry, fed and entertained (a modem, a camera, a laptop, and a sustained power source) for the 36 hours of incarceration in the Northwick.
    I can walk away and carry on with my life; the owner told me that she would have to take the next 10 months to repair the damage before reopening her doors for business again. She and countless others too!

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