5 thoughts on “Geograph talk at HertsLUG next Wednesday

  1. Steve

    Nice talk mate. I’ve just been looking at the site and there is no sign that it is pinging http://geourl.org/. I’ve added a few of the pages around where I live so that they will show up. I guess you could run something to add every square, even the empty ones. That would increase their list of sites by about 50%!

    Mind you, I’m not sure how much people are really using GeoURL. Most net users don’t even know about it. I added it to my sites as I’m into the whole semantic web idea.

  2. lordelph Post author

    Glad you liked it, I wrote it Tuesday night and didn’t rehearse it at all! Nice crowd there anyway, I enjoyed it.

    Will check out geourl anyway….

  3. Steve

    I notice that a page for a gridref can have various URLs. I assume that the direct one should be gridref/TLnnnn. When I navigate with the compass directions it goes to something like browse.php?p=212575. Not a problem for me, but a little confusing.

    I can’t really criticise as I have never built anything like that, but if I can help out I will. I’m not too hot on web technologies in general. I’ve got a site running on pyblosxom, but have yet to really customise it or change any code.

  4. Steve

    Just realised that there were more Geograph pages on Geourl. They were just grouped together. There are loads near me already. They are all for specific pictures rather than a grid reference. That may be the best way as you can see from the list what they relate to. There used to be a tool to map them onto a Google map, but it’s not working any more.


  5. lordelph Post author

    The direction arrows were a hurried addition which I’m planning to rework, but thanks for the reminder!

    I asked the GeoURL maintainer if he’d like us to give him a dump of 250,000 geograph URLs but he wasn’t interested in growing it that much, so I’ll just leave it. All the photo pages have ICBM metatags anyway, so any “geographically aware” spider can find the info.

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