Monthly Archives: November 2006

Geograph archival at the British Library

In a recent post I mentioned I’d been trying in vain to see if the British Library were interesting in archiving Geograph.

I finally managed to reach the right people this week and they sound enthusiastic about the idea, but sadly their current technology is not equal to the task. The archive is just too big for them to handle, but they are working on their systems to make this possible next year.

We’ve got the equipment and the funds to keep the site running for at least 3 more years, with a good chance of being able to ensure it is funded for many more years. But, if those plans should come to naught, it’s nice to know that the archive will preserved for future generations!

OS Map Integration into Geograph Begins!

Ordnance Survey have sent the Geograph team 21 CDs of 1:50K maps. Huge thanks to the OS for making this possible, this data is otherwise prohibitively expensive to consider using within a site like Geograph.

Over the next fews days these are getting trickled up to the Geograph servers, and then Barry Hunter will perform the integration work. You can probably expect to start seeing some basic integration of maps into photo viewing pages before Christmas. This will really enhance the educational value of the site, something we’ll be building further upon in the new year.

Coincidentally, Ed Parsons offers a tantalising glimpse of OS Openspace today. Can’t wait to see that reach a public release…