considered harmful

I run, and maintain it daily. I check for abuses of the service, block IP addresses of serial offenders and try to ensure it provides a speedy and useful service.

I make the software available for others to use and improve upon too. is one such site, but I’m starting to get emails from people who’ve used that site and are now infected with the Win32/Alureo trojan virus. In addition, the site seems to have been compromised in other ways, with extra advertising banners and popups.

I’m not responsible for that site. I’ve tried to make contact with the registrant listed in whois records, but not had a response.

The moral of the story: if you want to stay safe, stick with!

4 thoughts on “ considered harmful

  1. David Precious

    Indeed – if you’re going to host a website or service on the Internet, you have to be responsible enough to dedicate the time & effort to maintain it and ensure it’s secure and not abused!

  2. Troy Martin

    I love pastebin. It’s probably one of the best text clipping sites out there on the internet. I use it when I’m writing something in computer class and I want to get it quickly when I get home, etc., as well as for the actual intended debugging use.

    Thank you, my friend.

    Speaking of computer class, I’m off to that now!


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