Monthly Archives: October 2007

Silk icons for web apps

IconsThe free Silk icon set from is very useful for giving even the most mundane of web pages a little polish. With over 700 icons you’d think you’d have one for every occasion, right? Wrong! Or so says Damien Guard, who is releasing a companion set of 400+ icons in the same style as the original.

Nice work, will look forward to seeing them!

(20th Nov 2007: the new icon set is now available!)

Fon boosted by BT tie-in

Fon today announced they’ve done a deal with BT to encourage their 3 million+ users to share their wifi with others. Could lead to a large increase in the number of hotspots, but when I tried the accompanying BT website, I was unable to find my own or any nearby Fon hotspots. Hopefully just a launch-day glitch.

I’ve had one of the free fon routers since February and it’s worked flawlessly. If haven’t got one, go get one!