500,000th Geograph Photo!

Yesterday Geograph got its 500,000th photo – the archive now contains over half a million, freely reusable, geographical and geolocated images!

Rather serendipitously, the image that tipped the balance was of a milepost marker, taken by Martin Bodman.

Remember, all the photos are licenced with a Creative Commons by-sa-2.0 licence, making an astonishly useful resource which we hope will become a lasting archive.

Here’s to the next milestone – one million images! We should hit that sometime before December 2008…

3 thoughts on “500,000th Geograph Photo!

  1. Mark

    It looks like a fish, face down!

    Anyway, a little pastebin request if that’s ok :)
    Please make bash syntax highlighting not format commands on commented lines. Currently, when a line is # commented, words like ‘for’ still are shown in a different color.

    *sigh* these pastebin idiots follow you everywhere!

    Thx for the service though ;)
    – Mark

  2. lordelph Post author

    At the current rate of submission, it looks like Feb 2009, but if it picks up a little we could still hit it this year!

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