Arise Lord Elph

It’s my birthday today, and the long suffering Lady Elph made things all offical by buying me a lordship. I now own a square foot of Scotland! I’m a real lord, I’ve got a certificate and everything. Oh yes.

My little parcel of land is up near Fort William, which is an area I’ve wanted to visit for some time, so I can’t wait to get up there and stand on my turf. I’ll leave a cache there too hopefully, probably called “Get Off My Land”

3 thoughts on “Arise Lord Elph

  1. Lucilla

    Salutations to you on your natal anniversary, your Lordship! What an excellent present from her Ladyship… I assume it will be appearing as a personal geograph soon? Have a salubrious day.
    From your loyal serving wench, goodwife Blorenge ;-*

  2. David Precious

    Happy Birthday Lord, hope you have a great day.

    Can you now legally change your driving licence etc to show the title of Lord, and demand that people call you “my Lord” or whatever the official salutation is?

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