Pastebin Reset…

I’m rarely “off the grid” but while away camping over the weekend the pastebin database seems to have suffered a pretty catastrophic failure. For the time being I’ve reset it while I investigate…

Thanks to the (many!) folks who alerted me!

Edit: OK, I’ve restored a backup from a few weeks ago, which means most recent posts are gone. Many apologies for the inconvenience caused, still looking for the root cause (all the pastebin tables were just *gone* :( ).

20 thoughts on “Pastebin Reset…

  1. lordelph Post author

    That would seem the most likely. Won’t have much time to have a more detailed look until Monday…

  2. Jonathan Hogg

    That was my immediete guess when I first saw the error. Particularly as the entrie statement was in the error message – if any error did that it would be very easy to see which tables were which for the injected statement.

  3. lordelph Post author

    Since pastebin is open source, it’s pretty easy to determine the tables and find holes.

  4. Paolo

    pastebin still has problems: I was trying to send a text, it hangs (apparently) after uploading.

    Thank you for your work

  5. solemnwarning

    If it is an SQL injection vunrebility you can probably prevent it by removing the site permissions for things like ‘DROP TABLE’, although that would still leave a security hole for SQL commands needed by the site.

  6. Brian

    No offense, but pastebin was working just fine until it underwent its recent changes. I understand the need/want to change it, but I wish there was a way to use the old one while the new one is being worked on. There could be different branches of pastebin, like Debian (Stabel,Testing,Unstable). Just my 2 cents.

  7. lordelph Post author

    I understand the frustration, but it’s the sheer load which is causing the problems. I’m looking for a faster dedicated server for it, but the ad revenue doesn’t amount to much which limits the options!

    I wonder if anyone would actually pay for an ad-free, highly-available service….?

  8. A-Kaser

    “I’m looking for a faster dedicated server for it, but the ad revenue doesn’t amount to much which limits the options!”

    feature ?

    A-Kaser (alias frbayart on your msn)

  9. trix

    i was wondering, how much does the current server cost & what are the specs of it?

    and slightly off-topic here but if there anychance you would be able to add mIRC & TCL syntax highlighting in future versions? :D


  10. JamesHarrison

    I dunno how Pastebin handles the subdomain assign/reassign SQL, but I guess you don’t drop the tables. Worth removing permissions for your DB user and perhaps doing a stripslashes() on all GET/POST vars used in SQL queries- simple things like that often get overlooked, but help so much!

    As for hosting- I can probably sort something out for you, drop me a line.

  11. stefys

    sorry for that post. looks like the bug is already fixed in last version, prolly doesn’t have last version yet.

  12. Qube

    Get your lazy ass back on #php dude :-)

    I wrote a PDO db layer for pastebin so I wouldn’t have to use that poor excuse for a database (mysql). If you’re interested in rolling the changes in, give me a shout.


  13. Qube

    PS. I forgot to mention – I use prepared statements throughout, so it will never suffer an SQL injection attack (as mentioned by others in this thread).

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