CleanEx – a blast from the past

I had an email recently enquiring about a freeware Windows application I wrote nine years ago called CleanEx. I was amazed people still use it, even more amazed it still works. Nine years is a long time!

CleanEx is a little shell extension to clean a directory of temporary files, originally conceived as a way to get rid of C++ compiler intermediate files. Here’s a rolling demo of it in action


CleanEx can be customised to add your own file groups too. I must have the sources around here somewhere, I’ll open it up if anyone is interested.

Download (181Kb)

2 thoughts on “CleanEx – a blast from the past

  1. uh?

    there’s some really powerful and free system named GNU/Linux, you know???????????????????? get some real OS!

  2. lordelph Post author

    GNU/Linux you say. Sounds interesting. I’ll Google for it and check it out :)

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