Daily Archives: May 31, 2006

Geograph to use Ubuntu?

I had been planning to use Debian Sarge on the new Geograph servers, but the buzz around tomorrow’s new release of Ubuntu is hard to ignore. I’d previously dismissed Ubuntu for server use assuming it was too focussed on the desktop, and while they are doing admirable work in that area, it seems they aren’t slouching when it comes to servers either.

Tomorrow’s release of “Ubuntu 6.06 LTS” includes a Server Edition which will be supported for 5 years, with a “certified” LAMP application stack. The certification is primarily to do with MySQL, which I’ve found to be problematic to build from source in the past, so this sounds good to me!

I’ll give it a whirl when it’s released, but if it delivers a low-maintenance LAMP server supported for 5 years, it will hard to resist using it for Geograph. I’ve no doubt they’ve got a great set of packages for LAMP, but one thing in particularly I’ll be looking at is installation of the packages necessary to support LVS based clustering.