Daily Archives: May 26, 2006

O’Reilly turned evil?

I’m hoping there’s been a few crossed wires and misunderstandings surrounding O’Reilly’s lawyers issuing a Cease and Desist against use of the term Web 2.0. O’Reilly are the “Google” of publishing, surely they can do wrong? Geeks worldwide take a pride in their bulging shelves of O’Reilly tomes bedecked in animal engraved covers. There’s a few people venting their frustration in comments on Tim O’Reilly’s blog, but surely some sort of official clarification must be coming!

Say it ain’t so!

(Edit #1) here is a first response, but it’s not going down well.

(Edit #2) …and a second one! No-one denies they have to make a buck, but is no one at O’Reilly actually grasping the irony of this situation?

(Edit #3) …finally Tim O’Reilly responds. Huzzah.