Daily Archives: May 7, 2006

Geograph covers 100,000 grid squares

Last night Geograph British Isles covered its 100,000th grid square. It’s just incredible that in just over a year we’ve got an image for 40% of the 1km grid squares in Great Britain. It’s also good to see that depth is being developed too – we’ve over 160,000 images in total, and it looks likely that number of images per grid square will only increase over time.

The growth has been remarkably steady – we’ve averaged around 500 new photos a day for some time now…

Submission Graph

It’s pretty impressive going for a site that has had a zero budget, and the end result is a wonderful, growing resource of Creative Commons licenced pictures and information.

A huge thankyou to the thousands of crazy individuals who’ve got the “Geograph bug” and go out taking the pictures. I salute you!

Pastebin 0.50 released – with expiry control

Pastebin was conceived as a way to post code into an IRC or IM conversation, so the post itself was thought to be quite ephemeral. Therefore, the database didn’t retain posts for very long. However, this has surprised some users, who expected a little more permanence.

I’ve rectified this in v0.50. There are three options to suit various users

  • expiry in a day – great for IRC or IM, where the post will be read pretty much immediately and then fall out of use
  • expire in a month – great for exploring code ideas or problems via email
  • never expire – the post lives forever. This is really for retaining code snippets you want to share with others.

I’m going to add more features that will make pastebin more useful for long term storage of code snippets, watch this space!

Download GPL’d source code, or just play with it at pastebin.com