Pastebin v0.40 released

There hasn’t been a source release of in over a year, and I promised one in April, and here it is!

There’s no new features yet, just what you see on, but the code has been substantially reworked from the last available release. Source is GPL licenced, if you have any questions, add them as comments to this article in case the answers are of benefit to others…

Download pastebin.tar.gz (130 KB)

14 thoughts on “Pastebin v0.40 released

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  2. Stephan

    Hi Paul,

    thanks for the code ! But I have a problem if I choose Java:

    Query failure: You have an error in your SQL syntax. Check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ‘\ .de1, .java .de2 {font-family: \’Courier New\’, Courier
    update pastebin set codefmt=’

    I havent any problem with the other language only java.

    Any Ideas ?


  3. lordelph Post author

    Going live with the new version shook a few bugs out I didn’t capture before – all sorted now!

  4. lordelph Post author

    Bruce – I tried to email you but not had a reply. What do you want to that would violate the GPL, i.e. what is it about a BSD licence you need?

  5. Zachariah

    - great add-on :)


    html view | download | new post

    “html view” would be a simple preview output to show the user their output on a webpage. This would be nice for html, dhtml, java, css, more …

    Perhaps inline Iframe that shows onclick or new window for the output.

    Thank you for your time and energy.

  6. lordelph Post author

    “HTML view” might be too much of an XSS target, e.g. you could craft a page which looked like, but which said “help me with the bandwidth, donate a buck via paypal…” – you get the idea.

  7. reisio

    I couldn’t find a bug reporting area, so I’ll just say here: there’s no such thing as “HTML 4.0.1″

    There wouldn’t really be much formatting difference between older versions and even XHTML or XML (and its children), either, but :p This is why is for “Markup”, not just HTML or something else.

    …and oh ya, pastebins rock :) gj

  8. lordelph Post author

    Well spotted, I think that text was originally copied from the GeSHi source but I’ve corrected it now. Thanks for letting me know.

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