MogileFS+MAID and lwqueue

A quick round up of recent blog posts of interest to me…

  • Using MogileFS and MAID is a short post about an interesting idea – using MogileFS as a replication layer on top of a redundant MAID units.
  • Next up, lwqueue, “a lightweight, language agnostic TCP based message queue system with Perl, Ruby, and Python client libraries”. Geograph uses a message queue but doesn’t quite need the performance this offers, but it looks good for situations where you want high asynchronous message traffic between software systems on different hosts

One thought on “MogileFS+MAID and lwqueue

  1. Peter Cooper

    There are some weird issues with lwqueue on certain networks, and we made the post Draft almost immediately, but it still made it out unfortunately :) We’re tweaking the implementation to make it more robust, and recommend the Spread toolkit in the interim (although it has some cons lwqueue doesn’t). Thanks for the link though! The next, improved lwqueue will be out soon.. :)

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