Daily Archives: April 5, 2006

Save Parliament!

Save Parliament
From the “Save Parliament” website – “The boringly-named Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill is in fact a very dangerous piece of legislation. It grants any minister the ability to amend, replace, or repeal existing legislation. The frightening thing is this: they would be able to make major changes to the law without Parliament being able to examine it properly, taking away the ability of Parliament to meaningfully represent the citizens of this country.”

I’m no activist, but it’s stuff like this which gets me writing to my MP. I don’t know how I’ve missed this issue to date, but I’m damn sure I’ll add my voice to it’s opposition.

Pastebin source really is coming!

I had one email thinking it might have been an April Fool’s joke, but no, I really will release the souce to pastebin.com. Last night I wrote a script to build a tarball for distribution, when I get a spare moment over the next week I’ll make the following changes

  • Pastebin was originally written to live in one single php file, so that you could hit “view source” and see how it worked. It’s too big for one file, but’s its origins still show in that all the readme/version information is embedded in the main script. I’ll pull all of that out and write some proper installation instructions.
  • Many people want to integrate it into their own site, so I’ll make it a little easier to do that
  • Allow password protected posts, where an optional password can be used to delete the post, and, if you wish, prevent anyone without the password from viewing the post (useful for one-on-one IM conversations)

So believe it! It’s coming! I promise!