Geograph hits one million photographs!

by Dr Richard Murray
Minor road near Aberuchill by Dr Richard Murray

Geograph got its millionth image this morning!

When we launched Geograph British Isles in March 2005, we figured that if we could be getting 70 pictures a day within a year, the project could be a success, as it meant the goal of covering the entire country could be achieved within a decade or so.

We now routinely get over 1000 new photographs a day, contributed by over 7000 volunteers who grant a Creative Commons licence on their submissions allowing them to be reused and enjoyed by future generations.

A million images is fantastic milestone. Just for fun, here’s some numbers to try and appreciate the scale of it

  • If you printed each one on a piece of landscape A4 paper, and laid them side by side, you’d have an exhibition 186 miles long.
  • If you gathered them back up, your stack would be over 250 feet tall
  • You’d probably burn through around £500,000 worth of inkjet cartridges while printing them too
  • I’m sure you can think of more….

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the project!

(Edit, we made BoingBoing, many thanks Cory Doctorow!)

7 thoughts on “Geograph hits one million photographs!

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  2. lordelph Post author

    It’s evolved in reaction to visitors needs, but if you let me know what specifically you would do to improve it, that would be very helpful.

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  4. FizzBear

    Hard to use???!
    It’s one of the most simple, fast and effective sites I’ve ever used!

  5. Gerb

    I’ve been part of the Geograph project for several years now and it’s one of those sites you would hold up as a fine example of what the WWW can provide. Congrats on the milestone.

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