Daily Archives: May 25, 2006

The Naming of Servers

I’ve done all the hard work, the servers are specified, they are ordered and now we must wait for delivery. Now is the time for that most important of tasks.

What to call them?

I think it’s a trait of all geeks to want to give their equipment cool or amusing names. At one of my first jobs in Newcastle we named our equipment after our favourite drinking establishments. I remember I had Trillian and Baltic. All of my own gear has Star Wars names. I’m writing this on Geonosis but it will pass through the frozen wastes of Hoth on its way out into the big wide world. My family photo album is on Naboo.

It’s not sad, just human nature, honestly.

Anyway, we’ve got 5 servers for Geograph, and I’m appealling to the happy bunch who inhabit the site forums to come up with the names.

I’m thinking rodent based names will be popular given our insistence the current server is powered entirely by hamsters….