Monthly Archives: April 2006

The metadesign of Geograph

Mike Leggett has been sharing his musings on Geograph and it’s interesting to read an outside analysis of the phenomenon. I only came across it today even though Technorati keeps a watchful eye on Geograph related blog posts for me. Seems it’s been mentioned in the forums and the observer has become the observed!

Interesting reading!

P.S. For the record Mike, the “LordElph” moniker is explained in my about page :)

Using Lucene with PHP

A new article at phpriot walks through using the Zend_Search_Lucene which is part of the new Zend Framework. I’ve been playing with Xapian recently and liking it a lot, but Lucene is next on my list. There’s a scholarly comparison sheet (PDF) which compares several open source IR engines, which suggests the information retrieval performance is between Xapian and Lucene is broadly similar. However, it will be interesting to benchmark the two to see what differences in speed there may be.